Soft Furnishing - Structure

Sofa is a fundamental of Knocknock, that is how our story unfold. We uphold to use only the best materials and highest standard of quality as a commitment to all of our customers.


Solid Wood Frame

We uses solid kiln-dry kapur hardwood for our structure. Kapur wood exhibits durability making it ideal as the skeleton of the sofa. 

Precision cutting to form the sofa skelton as a well assembled skelton equals to a well built foundation.


Suspension Spring

We are using suspension spring instead of resistant webbing for maximum absorbent, extra comfort and durability. For reinforcement, resistant webbing to provide consistency and to hold everything together.


HD Foam

We uses high-density and high-resilience foam for durability and utmost comfort to ensure it long lasting and does not sag over time. We also have the option of different firmness and density for different seat preference. 



We offer a range of different fillings for different comfort level. Polyester-fibre as the standard, down-feather for the sink-in super soft feeling and micro-fibre, a substitute of the down-feather.


Artisan Meets A.I. Technology

Precision cutting following a standard template to ensure consistency, artisan style. Moving on, we incorporate the use of technology, the A.I. cutter to ensure a higher level of accuracy and precision. 



Skilful sewers ensuring each and every stitch counts. We take pride in what we do to bring smiles to all of our customers when their furnitures are delivered to them.



A good fit takes more than just experience and skills. One has to have an eye for details, high standards and does not compromise for anything less, a perfectionist.