Customise With Us

Over the thirty years we have accumulated a wide diversity of customisations, from bathroom furnitures to the living/dining room, from indoors to outdoors, from upholstery to teak wood and all in a wide array of dimensions, sizes and scale. Our professional designers work hand in hand with our production team which we will then discuss accordingly with the customer on the feasibility, safety and aesthetics of the customisation to ensure the final outcome is presentable practical. Browse below for some of our custom pieces that may inspire you for your next furniture. What are you waiting for? Feel free to speak to us regarding your needs and rest assured putting your next custom piece in our hands. 

​Shoe Cabinet hidden in Hallway Console

Basin Cabinet



Suar Office Table

Suar Coffee Table

2.5m Dining Table



Extendable Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Table

3m Ashwood Dining Table

Customised Nua Sofa in two Chaise

Custom-size Bookshelf

Wooden Sofa

2.5m Salsa Dining Table

Faoc Sofa in Single Bed

Square Table

Custom-design Bookshelf

2.7m SS Dining Table

Faoc Sofa in Leather

High Bar-table

5m Dining Table

Teak Root Coffee Table

Fohd Sofa in Leather