Our Teak

Teak is what we are and a big part of what we do. We uphold to use only Eco-friendly materials for a better future of green furniture and living.


Reliable Sources, Sustainable Materials 


All teak used are either sourced reliably and only from sustainable ones. These are eco-friendly and we do our part in protecting the earth and its natural resources. We uses both reclaimed teak and plantation teak. For reclaimed teak, we source from boats, houses and railway tracks. These are matured teak and has gone through rain and shine. It is very stable in terms of its moisture content and as seasoned wood, it can withstand harsh conditions. On the other hand, our plantation teak are from full grown trees.


Drying Process


Locking in the right amount of moisture is very crucial in the making of teak furnitures. Because if anything too much or too little, the wood will start to crack. We uses the standard of 12%, just nice for the tropical countries. We uses both kiln and natural dry for our drying process. Kiln dry ensure a more consistent dry and on the other hand, natural drying ensure a gradual dry in its most natural environment.



We take pride in what we do to bring smiles to all of our customers when their furnitures are delivered to them.



With the aid of technology, such as CNC cutting, we can create unique pieces with the utmost precision.



High artisanship of ancient people because we want the level of human touch and every detail matters.


Metal Works

We have our own skilled smith to handle with metal works for the furniture's frame and base. All metal are handled properly with the process of galvanising and then powder coated for anti-rust.