We are glad to announce that we will reopen our store this Friday 19th June 2020, in line with the start of phase 2. It’s been a long wait and we can’t wait to open up to greet everyone and to show you guys the new arrivals in store during the closure.

But do not rush as we want a safe opening and safe shopping for all of our customers. There will be precautionary measures in place when we reopen so you could feel safe while shopping with us and we seek for your cooperation for that.

We are currently in the midst of ensuring the store is in good condition for the reopening. Furnitures and contact areas are being cleaned and disinfected to create a safe environment. Hang in there for a couple of days and we will see you on Friday the 19th.

Meanwhile feel free to shop with us online at and enjoy 20% off during checkout till 18 June 2020. Enjoy free delivery for orders above $500 and we will deliver within 7 days.




In line with the circuit breaker measures introduced by the Government, our store will be closed from 7 April till further notice. We will announce the reopen date as soon when there is any updates from the Government. Meantime, for returning and existing customers, feel free to contact your sales representative on their phone. For general enquiry, do drop us an email at . While we are closed, you may still shop on our website during the stay home period as we still delivers. Do look out for us on our Facebook and Instagram page for the latest news. Stay indoors and stay safe, together we can overcome this.




In line with the Government precautionary measures to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 locally, Knocknock will be taking the below measurements for all staffs and patrons entering our store. You can have a peace of mind while shopping with us.

1 Metre Social Distancing

   Sales-staff from sales-staff

   Sales-staff from customer

   Customer from customer

Crowd Control

   1 person per 16sqm of usable space

   Limiting to 17 pax in store at any point in time

   Restricting group of 10 pax in store

Temperature Taking

   2 times a day for staff on duty

Use of Sanitizer


   Advise all patrons to sanitise their hand before entering

   Advise all patrons to sanitise their hand before touching of furnitures/ fabrics

Use of Water Basin

   Advise all patrons to wash their hand before touching of furnitures/ fabrics

Medical Supplies

   Face mask/ glove upon request, for the needy only

Reduce in Contact Area

   Entrance are left opened

   Seek for assistance if you need to shift or handle any furniture

   Advise all patrons to sanitise their hand before touching of furnitures/ fabrics

Store Hygiene

   Increased cleaning in high contact areas 

Do take note Knocknock reserve the rights to decline any patrons from entering our store if he/she is deem to be in a unhealthy condition. Patrons might have to wait outside the store if crowd in store exceed maximum capacity. To prevent long queue from forming, for returning patrons kindly book an appointment with your sales representative before coming down. As for other patrons, kindly call in to check or book a slot before coming down. We hope each and every small effort will contribute to the curb of COVID19.




In regards to Malaysia 8 weeks lockdown to curb the COVID19 virus, all businesses and factory has been shut down with effective from 18/03/2020 - 12/05/2020.

Due to the above lockdown, our counterparts in Malaysia producing and supplying metal parts, fabricated furnitures and raw materials for furnitures such as wood, foam, fabrics, zippers and etc are all put to a halt. Similarly, transportation of goods from Malaysia into Singapore were affected as well with the restriction in movement.

Do not be alarmed, all orders taken by Knocknock are in order. Administrative wise, some of our counterparts in Malaysia will be working from home to ensure the ongoing operations of the business to facilitate orders taken during this period of time could be process to avoid high volume of work when the businesses resume operations after the lockdown.

As for the production sector, since all work has been put to a halt and raw materials being cut off, we are expecting a considerable delay in the timeline from the production of furnitures.

However having said that, we are trying all means to keep up with the schedules and deliveries as close as possible. For orders that are ready to be transported out, we are working closely with the logistics team and if the policy allows us to do so, we will make the arrangements. As for the orders that are currently in production, we seek for the customer’s kind understanding and patience during this period of time that the orders will be delayed.

Every country has taken its own measurements to fight the epidemic, as business with close relations with Malaysia counterparts, we have no choice but to be restricted and affected with the measurements taken by the Government. But as an individual, it is assuring to see every nation coming together to prevent and reduce the widespread of COVID 19. As little efforts from everyone plays a part in the prevention of spreading.

Lastly, we will be monitoring closely to the situation in Malaysia and will update our customers accordingly. Do contact your sales representative if you require more information. Remember to stay safe and keep healthy. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


From the management,